our mission

Fighting for Biblical values in public policy and the ballot box.

Building a brighter future for everyone

The American Council is a coalition of pastors, faith leaders, and church communities with a mission to promote Biblical values in our legislation, our ballot box, and our culture.

Fierce defenders of religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and human dignity - we believe that the Church should be on the forefront of creative solutions to our nation's most pressing issues.
The Judeo-Christian community make up the largest voting bloc in American politics - and it's time to use that voice to stand up and speak out for what the prophet Jeremiah told the people of God - the "welfare" of the nation.

The American Council, through effective messaging campaigns, advocacy opportunities, and strategic partnerships, is building a brighter future for everyone.

The Council does a lot.
Like... a lot.

Voter Engagement
Civic Education
Public Policy
Legislative Advocacy
Christians Running for Office
Church Coalitions
Effective Messaging Campaigns
... many more

Our Strategy

public policy

Righteous Advocacy

We believe an empowered and mobilized Church influencing government helps build a brighter future for all. That's why we help Christian advocate for Biblical justice.
State & Federal Legislative Advocacy
Public Policy Research
Advocacy Training & Workshops

Learning our American Heritage.

The Council is building ground-breaking educational resources on civics, American history, culture, and apologetics to equip Christians to engage.
We the People Civics Masterclass
Monthly Virtual & In-person Workshops
Weekly Resources on Current Events
voter engagement

Using your vote to transform the nation.

Christians make up one of the largest communities in America. We have a responsibility to use our voice to seek the welfare of America.
Get-out-the-vote campaigns to get Christians registered to vote in upcoming elections
State-of-the-art voting resources and ballot research technology on our Vote22.com platform
Voter guides and candidate recommendation to get Christians to make informed decisions when voting

Our Leadership Team

Tanner DiBella


Denise Gitsham

General Counsel

Debra Massie

Vice Chairman

Karen Henson

General Counsel

Michael Carrington

Public Policy Counsel

Sharee Hess

General Counsel

Advisory Council

Sheri Silk

Loving on Purpose

Peter Mordh

Pacific Justice Institute

Kelly Kullberg

American Assoc. of Evangelicals

Ethan Brizzi

General Counsel

Steve Holts

General Counsel

Our legacy & impact.

We are on a strategic mission to save America.
Letters sent to state and federal legislators in support or opposition of bills relevant to the Church.
We have grown an advocacy network of almost 1 million Christians across the nation.

Help the American Council build a brighter future.

A financial contribution is an investment in our efforts to promote Biblical values in American politics and society.