Here at the Council,
We are mobilizing people of faith to stand up, speak out, and vote. Why? Because the Gospel calls for a Church that is engaged and cares for the welfare of the community.

Let's see the Kingdom of Heaven, here on earth.

Building a Brighter Future

Our Priorities


Knowing truth in a culture that is constantly attempting to water-down history has never been more important. Through our in-person and online eCourses and workshops, we have educated thousands of people on American history, government, the U.S. Constitution, and the Biblical Worldview of some of the most relevant issues we face today.

Through our classes like We the People and Politics According to the Bible - we're equipping an entire generation to stand up for truth and morality.

Civic Engagement

Knowing the truth doesn't transform a nation - doing something about it does. Through our FaithImpact platform, we're mobilizing thousands of people across the Nation to engage in local, state, and federal legislation.

Our advocacy efforts empower people to understand what bills are effecting them and what they can do to lobby their legislators and effectuate real change.


Elections matter - and for decades people of faith have disengaged from the process. Over 38 million Christians do not vote, and it's our mission to get every Bible-believing American to the ballot box.

More than voting, we recruit, train, and support candidates who align with a Biblical worldview and champion life, liberty, and morality.


We’ve delivered almost 1 million
letters to state and federal legislators.


The Council has reached almost 3 million people through its advocacy campaigns.


We’ve spent almost half-a-million on California advocacy efforts, and we're just getting started.

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