what we do

Advocate for Faith + Family in Policy

We aim to advance policy that promotes family principles and builds a better California for everyone.

Our Action Center

Mobilizing the Public to Engage in Policy

Most Californians know very little about the legislation being presented, voted on, and passed in their own state. Since 2020, we've been working to not only educate our stakeholders on upcoming bills, but to mobilize them to keep their Representatives accountable through out easy-to-use advocacy platform.

Simply provide your name and address, and we will connect you to your Legislator with a pre-written email that you can send on a specific piece of legislation.We make advocacy as easy as 1....2...3!
public policy areas of focus

Religious Freedom

The freedom to worship is a basic human right that must be protected and celebrated. We are increasingly witnessing hostility toward religious expression.

Family & Children

Marriage and family was the first institution created by God at the beginning of creation. We want to promote ideals that fortifies the home.

Dignity of Human Life

Abortion has become the most salient topic in culture today. The value of human life matters, and we want to engage in redeeming areas of human dignity.

Politics & Government

Politics is messy, but God has created such an authority to promote good and restrain evil. We must have government that is integrous.

Gender & Sexuality

There is much confusion in the American generation on human sexuality. We want to have a redemptive dialogue about sexuality.


Education empowers communities, lifts people out of poverty, and builds the leaders of tomorrow. We want to partner with education.


Our healthcare system presents significant challenges for families, businesses, and churches.


History based on truth and verity is vital. We provide accurate historical accounts of America and the Church.

Theology & Church Governance

A sound Church doctrine that is governed with accountability is vital to a healthy Church community.

Help the Council advance life, liberty, & morality in America.