what we do

Building Up a Generation of Leaders

The American Council recruits, trains, and support hundreds of candidates across California and the nation.

Our Endorsements

Recruiting, Training, & Supporting Candidates

We believe in raising up the next generation of leaders in government at a local, state, and federal level. The Council works to recruit moms and dads, pastors and neighbors, to run for local and state offices in California.

We provide training to prospective candidates and financial support through our political action committee.

Re-engaging the faith community in Elections

1 in 3 Christians do note vote in the United States. That equates to millions of people disengaging from the political process every two years.

We work to provide resources, tools, and platforms to get Christians registered to vote, learn about their ballot, and make choices that affirm their religious convictions.
additional areas of focus

Voter Registration

We work to get Christians and the general public registered to vote and make a pledge to vote on election day.

Voter Guides

We distribute voter guides and candidate recommendations throughout California counties.

Voter Resources

We've invested heavily into platforms that allow our stakeholders to research their ballots and make a plan to vote in-person.

Additional Candidate Support

We work to get candidates in alignment with our principles elected to office through mailers, phone banking, etc.

Help the Council advance life, liberty, & morality in America.