Sisters of Perpetual Hate

July 9, 2023
Tanner DiBella

As a culture that is perpetually focused on imperializing Christian tradition and language — there should be little surprise at a group mocking sincerely held Christian beliefs.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence self-proclaim to be “a leading-edge Order of queer and trans nuns.” Their tagline? "Go forth and sin some more!” The irreverent order was invited — then uninvited, then re-invited — to be honored at Dodger Stadium on June 16th at the 10th annual “Pride Night. What about a Jesus in a thong dancing for cash on a crucifix is worthy of public commemoration?

Let’s make one thing clear: masquerading as a religious community is a form of cultural appropriation, which — in my historical recollection — is usually looked down upon with disdain.

Robert Peter George, an American legal scholar, political philosopher, and public intellectual who serves as the McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence and Director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University, said it this way:

If men wearing hijabs were to prance around mocking Muslim women, insulting Islam and faithful Muslims, and ridiculing the sayings of the Prophet Mohammad, their bigotry would be widely and rightly condemned. What would the Los Angeles Dodgers do? Praise them? Give them an award?

If that wasn’t enough, California State Senator Scott Wiener has invited the group to attend a June 5th session where the State Senate plans on recognizing and celebrating the anti-Catholic hate group.

So — what has the order of trans nuns done to justify such a prestigious recognition from state and sports leaders?

The group has reviled the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in various ways, including “blessing” a gathering with a dildo dipped in poppers and filling chalices with yogurt at a funeral to represent swallowing semen. On Easter Sunday, they did a pub crawl to mock Stations of the Cross commemorating Jesus’s last day on earth. The “Sisters” host annual “Hunky Jesus” drag shows where men dressed as Jesus perform strip teases, pole dances, and sex simulations.  In 2023, a '“Sister” won the “Free Choice Mary” pro-abortion award. The man, dressed with a nun’s veil, wearing a bra and panties, was featured holding a baby doll with a sign, “I Had A Choice.”

Archbishop Cordileone, the archbishop of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, has called out Dodgers for re-inviting the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, saying, "Our Catholic sisters devote themselves to serving others selflessly. Decent people would not mock & blaspheme them.”

The First Amendment gives the right to free speech, even when we don’t like it. The Sisters of Perpetual Hate are free to degrade and defile people of sincere faith. But the issue at hand is less a speech issue and more a cultural one. Why does Culture revere such evil and wickedness? Why does government honor them and sporting empires give them the prestigious title of “Community Heroes”?

The Los Angeles Dodgers will honor Transgender Nuns that use Blasphemous Catholic imagery. The California State Senate will celebrate the hate group on the chamber floor. But Christians? Ask those same people, and words like “Bigots”, “Fascists”, and “Taliban” ring from ear to ear.

Culture has no problem celebrating and defending Jesus when it's a drag-queen Christ in a thong dancing for cash and using the cross as a stripper pole.

But they reject and defile the Jesus who heals the sick, raises the dead, casts out demons, cares for the poor and the sick, and calls people to righteousness. Why? Because Jesus is the light of the world, and darkness hates the light.

To the L.A. Dodgers, Mayor Ashleigh Aitken, Senator Scott Wiener, and the California State Senate: you are admonishing, celebrating, and defending a hate group. You are sending a message to the millions of Christians and Catholics across the nation that you care more about pandering than standing up for what is right. Enjoy the fruits of your bounty: religious appropriation, hate, bigotry, and wickedness.

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Tanner DiBella
Tanner DiBella serves on the Executive Leadership Team at Destiny Church and also is the President of the American Council, one of the most influential Christian advocacy groups here in California. Tanner is a children’s author, a speaker, and a pro-life advocate who, through the American Council, is empowering a generation of Christians to stand up, speak out, and redeem our culture.

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