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The American Council’s mission is to strengthen the family, expand religious liberty, and better society. We work with policymakers, non-profits, and the public to inspire action and advance good.

Through education and advocacy — we are committed to improving the lives of all Americans. Why? Because the Gospel of Jesus is Good News that has the power to better the world. For decades, the American Church’s strategy has been to respond to the state of culture. Our approach isn’t to counter culture, but to drive it. The Council leverages data to shape public opinion, mobilize the Church, and empower people of faith.

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Digital Advocacy

In order to educate, engage, and mobilize the public on these important issues, it will take a machine to reach the millions of religious Americans. The Council harnesses the power of data mining, creative storytelling, and effective digital campaigns to compel religious communities and change public opinion on policy and cultural issues.

Social Philanthropy

There is an opportunity in this moment of history to empower people and organizations to stand up and speak out for truth. That’s why the American Council invests significant capital in what we call ‘Social Philanthropy’ — money into groups and individuals who are working toward the same mission as ours.

In 2022, we launched the American Council Scholarship Fund (ACSF). We provide critical financial resources to students in universities who are enrolled in a Public Policy, Theology, Media, or Education program. We have a goal to invest $500,000 by 2030 in students.

In 2023, we launched the American Council Empowerment Fund (ACEF). We provide critical financial support to pregnancy centers, advocacy start-ups, and other non-profit groups that align with our mission. Money is an important part of effective outreach and advocacy — we’re committed to blessing organizations who desire to build families and advance morality.

Leadership Building

There is a profound leadership vacuum in our nation. A glance at every level of civil leadership reflects corruption, deceit, greed, and self-service.
The American Council works year-round to recruit, train, and support leaders who are called to their local School Board, City Council, County Board, or represent their region in the State Legislature. This takes a financial and grassroots engine, and we’ve been blessed to support over 620 leaders with an 80% success rate.

Our mission requires us to raise leaders in government — and we’re not going to stop until we see a generation of leaders with integrity, character, and virtue at every level of government.
our priorities

Strengthening Families

Jesus Christ taught that marriage and family are essential to God’s plan. Before civil government, before the Church, before cities and nations — there was the family. It is the oldest institution in all of creation.
In recent decades, politicians and advocacy groups have attempted to weaken the family and deconstruct the institution of the home.

The American Council is dedicated to strengthening the Family.

Expanding Religious Freedom

Across the nation and the world, religious freedom is the recipient of constant assault and accusation. G.K. Chersterton said it best: “Religious liberty might be supposed to mean that everybody is free to discuss religious. In practice it means that hardly and boy is allowed to mention it.”

We have seen this reality in American history. The Supreme Court has been politicized to degrade the role of religion in society and the individual liberty to express personal belief.

The American Council works with policy makers to ensure religious liberty is protected and advanced across the nation and in other parts of the world.

Bettering Society

In the book of Jeremiah, the people of God are exiled to Babylon. They are in a culture far different than their own and are confronted by a people who hate them, their God, and their traditions. They ask the Lord what to do and he provides a simple plan: seek the welfare of Babylon. Build homes, have children, plan gardens. Pray for its peace, deliverance, and salvation.

The American Council wants to see the peace, deliverance, and salvation of our nation — and the greatest witness we can provide is to help better society.
what we believe

America was founded by men and women of devout faith.

We believe that the United States of America was established and founded by men and women of faith who believed in the sovereign God of the Bible.

By looking at the passengers list at Plymouth Rock, it is evident these were entire families coming to the New World for religious liberty and expression.

America is a nation of religious freedom and liberty.

We believe that America’s founders carefully and intentionally crafted the nation’s early documents to help ensure that freedom of religion and freedom of speech would be forever guaranteed to its citizens.

Furthermore, we believe the wall of Separation between Church and state is a vital component to a healthy, free society. This wall, however, does not prevent religious influence on society, but encourages it.We reject the Separation Doctrine how it is currently interpreted today.

People of faith should exercise influence on culture.

We believe that men and women of faith have a responsibility to carry out the Bible’s command to be “salt and light” in the world.

We believe that being “salt and light” includes speaking the truth about realities in today’s society that are anti-Christian, that undermine the foundations of our nation, and that are destructive to individuals, to children (including the unborn), and to families.

Government should promote good and restrain evil.

The Bible teaches that governments have been set up by God to maintain the rule of law, restrain evil, and promote that which is good. This responsibility is affirmed in the United States Constitution.Some say the law should not be used to enforce morality, but everyone has a moral standard upon which their view of law and justice are based.

Even secularists believe that their ideological assumptions should be the basis of our law and policy. Living under a democratic government, we all have the freedom to speak out for what we believe to be right and to do so out of love for our neighbor.

Our fidelity is to God and country, not a political party.

Political parties have only mass produced anger, resentment, and deceit in American society. We are not an extension of the Republican or Democratic parties - our allegiance is to God and country in that order.

We do align with Russel Kirk conservatism that believes in traditional life, divine intent, civilized society, and the understanding the society must change (but slowly).

We reject any theocratic doctrine or movement.

While we  promote Christian influence in governance, we vehemently reject any dominion theology or theocratic movement in America. Coercion is not the heart of the Church, the faith, or the personhood of Jesus Christ.

Any attempt to force beliefs upon people is antithetical to Christ. However, it is important to note that promoting policy and legislation that aligns with your religious convictions is NOT forcing religion on people.For example, voting for legislation that criminalizes murder (based on the moral belief that murder is wrong) does not establish a religion or force religion on people.

About Our Foundation

The American Council Foundation ("ACF") is the philanthropic arm of the American Council. At ACF, we are working to equip and empower and support individuals and other non-profits to advance family values in society.

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