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The American Council is building a future where morality, dignity, and the family are strengthened and Christians are empowered to lead with grace, truth, and courage . 

We've made a significant impact together



In 2023, we reached 4 in 10 Californians through our campaigns.


We have recruited, endorsed, and supported over 600 candidates.


Our legislative campaigns have been used by individuals across 48 states.

Our mission is to strengthen the Christian voice in society.

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The American Council is a 501©4 Non Profit Organization.

About The Council

Religion and family have grounded every nation in human history. They have been the impetus for the state to strive for justice, charity, temperance, and human dignity. A healthy home grounded in Christian values builds strong families, communities, and nations. 

Noah Webster, the Father of American scholarship and education, wrote that the “Christian religion, in its purity, is the basis, or rather the source of all genuine freedom in government...and I am persuaded that no civil government of a republican form can exist and be durable in which the principles of that religion have not a controlling influence.”

In that same spirit and zeal, we work to ensure that the cornerstone of our Republic stays firmly rooted in faith and family. The Council works to advance the Christian voice in public policy and opinion because everyone prospers when a nation stays true to its principles. The American Council has played a vital role in developing and implementing ethical public policy.

We mobilize millions of concerned parents, grandparents, and pastors to lobby their elected officials to push for necessary reforms in our institutions. We build an important bridge between policymakers and their religious constituents. The American Council also offers rich educational opportunities for the public to gain an understanding of relevant issues like civics, history, religion, and family values. We inform religious communities on issues that impact them. By doing so, we inspire action and advance the common good in homes, cities, and eventually nations. 
Tanner DiBella, President & Founder
The American Council

Our Approach

Much of the Christian fight has been in response to culture. But what would it look like for Christians to empower cities, build nations, and support families? What would it look like to not respond to culture, but drive culture? 

To do this, the American Council works with policymakers, equips Christians, and builds future leaders.

Public Policy

The American Council’s policy office (“The Center for Ethical Policy”) works to create policy solutions through legislative lobbying and advocacy. Every day, the Council works at the State Capitol to build relationships, leverage influence, and advocate for policies that align with our strategic priorities.

We work to build bridges between Representatives and their religious constituents to ensure fair representation in the legislative process.

Political Leadership

You can't fix bad policy without first replacing bad policymakers. When good men and women lead at the local, state, and federal levels of government, everyone wins.

The American Council PAC (ACPAC) recruits, trains, and supports candidates running for political office who align with our values. We’re one of the best in the business, but we do so with a missional mindset. But we don’t stop at the election. We continually support leaders in their respective offices.


Through our digital campaigns, seminars, eCourses, and articles, we aim to educate the public and drive culture. The American Council’s education office equips Christians to live with clarity and courage.

Our Priorities

Our Christian faith compels us to stand up, speak out, and act.

Strengthen Families

Healthy families are vital to a healthy community. We celebrate the traditional family, protect children, and advance the rights of parents. By doing this, families are empowered, and communities are changed.

Advancing Liberty

Religious communities are increasingly ostracized and attacked. We work to protect, secure, and advance religious liberty for marginalized and mainstream congregations in California.

Empowering Vulnerable

Solomon said, “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves...” The American Council stands with vulnerable populations, particularly children and the unborn - who face tremendous persecution.

Secure Israeli Welfare

The American Council works with ministry partners to promote the ideals and spirit of the Jewish people. As a holy land with profound significance, we work to protect Israel’s welfare and advance its sovereignty.

Healthy Communities

A Biblical worldview of community and society benefits everyone, not just Christians. We work with local and state government to advance public policy where individuals thrive.

Empowering the Church

MLK Jr. warned that if the Church does not meet the challenges of the hour, She would become nothing more than a social club. We work to empower and equip the Church to action.

Leadership team

Tanner DiBella


Mike Murray

Legislative Director

Jessica Johnson

Events Coordinator

Morgan Barr

Events Coordinator

Candee Gunter

Events Coordinator

Board of Directors

Tanner DiBella

Chairman & Founder

Scott Van Epps

Member, Board of Directors

Cherisse Zelesky

Member, Board of Directors

Matt Robertson

Member, Board of Directors

Michael Cairrington

Policy Chair, Board of Directors

Holly Andreatta

Secretary, Board of Directors

Ethan Brizzi

Treasurer, Board of Directors

Steve Holt

Member, Board of Directors

David Laut

Member, Board of Directors
what we believe

America was founded by men and women of devout faith.

We believe that the United States of America was established and founded by men and women of faith who believed in the sovereign God of the Bible. By looking at the passengers list at Plymouth Rock, it is evident these were entire families coming to the New World for religious liberty and expression.

America is a nation of religious freedom and liberty.

We believe that America’s founders carefully and intentionally crafted the nation’s early documents to help ensure that freedom of religion and freedom of speech would be forever guaranteed to its citizens. Furthermore, we believe the wall of Separation between Church and state is a vital component to a healthy, free society. This wall, however, does not prevent religious influence on society, but encourages it. We reject the Separation Doctrine as it is currently interpreted today.

People of faith should exercise influence on culture.

We believe that men and women of faith have a responsibility to carry out the Bible’s command to be “salt and light” in the world. We believe that being “salt and light” includes speaking the truth about realities in today’s society that are anti-Christian, that undermine the foundations of our nation, and that are destructive to individuals, to children (including the unborn), and to families.

Government should promote good and restrain evil.

The Bible teaches that governments have been set up by God to maintain the rule of law, restrain evil, and promote that which is good. This responsibility is affirmed in the United States Constitution. Some say the law should not be used to enforce morality, but everyone has a moral standard upon which their view of law and justice are based. Even secularists believe that their ideological assumptions should be the basis of our law and policy. Living under a democratic government, we all have the freedom to speak out for what we believe to be right and to do so out of love for our neighbor.

Our fidelity is to God and country, not a political party.

Political parties have only mass-produced anger, resentment, and deceit in American society. We are not an extension of the Republican or Democratic parties - our allegiance is to God and country in that order. We do align with Russel Kirk's conservatism, which believes in traditional life, divine intent, civilized society, and the understanding that society must change (but slowly).

We reject any theocratic doctrine or movement.

While we promote Christian influence in governance, we vehemently reject any dominion theology or theocratic movement in America. Coercion is not the heart of the Church, the faith, or the personhood of Jesus Christ. Any attempt to force beliefs upon people is antithetical to Christ. However, it is important to note that promoting policy and legislation that aligns with your religious convictions is NOT forcing religion on people. For example, voting for legislation that criminalizes murder (based on the moral belief that murder is wrong) does not establish a religion or force religion on people.