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Vote no on all California ballot measures.

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We currently have no recommendations for these offices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Help us raise money to recruit, train, and elect good candidates across California.
How do you make your endorsements? 
We vet every candidates that we recommend. We look at the candidates values, campaign structure, financial viability, and risk liability. Most candidates goes through a 30-minute candidate questionnaire before an endorsement is made.

We reserve the right to make recommendations without an endorsement request.
I have a candidate I think should be on your list. What do I do?
We are always looking for good, strong candidates to support. Have the candidate fill out our Endorsement Request application to begin the process.
Do you only endorse candidates from a specific party? 
The American Council is not a "Republican" or "Democratic" organization. We operate from a Biblical worldview and support candidates who support life, human decency, family values, and morality.
I disagree with one of your candidate recommendations.
We welcome critique of our vetting process. If you have information on a candidate that concerns you, feel free to email us at "" and we'd be happy to look into it.