Gender & Sexuality Toolkit for Families

There is profound confusion in the family around identity and sexuality. In 2023, 25% of 18-24-year-olds identified as LGBTQ in the United States. Here is a toolkit to help provide clarity and truth.

In 2023, 25% of 18-24-year-olds identified as LGBTQ in the United States. Finding resources that help you and your family navigate these complex issue with grace and truth can be daunting, but we've compiled a beginning resource to equip you in the area of sexual integrity.

Counseling & Coaching

Ken Williams Ministries: After years of failed attempts at freedom, Ken discovered some kingdom realities and encountered God in areas & ways that transformed him.  The following years healed childhood trauma, replaced lies with truth, forged deep intimacy with God, and established self-love and masculine identity.

Pure Desire Ministries: Pure Desire offers counseling programs for men, women, and couples in need of recovery and healing from the effects of unwanted sexual behavior and betrayal. (Group Accountability is also available)

Living Waters: Desert Stream/Living Waters Ministries provides help for Christians struggling with sexual and relational problems. Our help is based on the biblical foundation of compassion, integrity, and dependence on God.

Danny Martinez Consulting: Danny’s purpose is to help people find the places in their lives and hearts that have held them back in spite of great success in many other areas of their lives. Danny is known for creating a safe place that allows people to feel seen, heard and truly known at a deep level that brings about lasting change. Through active listening skills and asking profound questions, Danny helps people continue their walk towards their greatest self.

Jeremy Byrne: With many years of experience helping people around the world find relational fulfillment, personal growth and healing, Jeremy combines an incisive gift of discernment with compassionate truth to bring clarity and freedom to those wanting more from their relationships.

Helpful Ministries

Equipped to Love: Drawing upon their combined experiences of walking away from homosexuality, they offer understanding of the issue that opens doors for compassion and understanding.

Moral Revolution: In a generation overwhelmed by conflicting messages about love, lust and relationships, Moral Revolution is a company of radicals helping to define healthy sexuality. We promote a culture of love, honor, respect and freedom by providing resources that equip and empower society to live in wholeness.

CHANGED Movement: CHANGED was birthed in response to California legislation that discriminated against Christians with an LGBTQ background. It became a growing international network of people who left LGBTQ identity behind: the CHANGED movement.

Nothing Hidden Ministries: The goal of Nothing Hidden Ministries is to lead people into spiritual, relational and sexual wholeness.  By creating a safe place for community, singles or married couples are guided into greater connection through Holy Spirit empowered workshops, relevant teachings, inner healing and eCourses that create the space for more hopeful, healthy, restored lives and committed relationships.

Sexuality Integrity Media

Accountability Software - Covenant Eyes: We recommend Covenant Eyes which is designed to help you and those you love live free from pornography. This Accountability-based service is safe, secure and proven effective at helping members overcome porn addiction. Start your journey to freedom today.

Parent Monitoring - Canopy: Canopy is a parenting preventative software whose aim is to make the internet a safer place for you and your family. Canopy primarily blocks and filters whole websites, inappropriate parts of nonpornographic websites, and apps. Canopy works best if you are a parent and want to protect your children. However, it can also be used for those struggling themselves if you make the “parent” account your accountability partner.

Online Courses & Programs

Finding You: An Identity-Based Journey Out of Homosexuality and Into All Things New: When we place our focus on changing our attractions, we get distracted and miss out. This journey is about finding you—the deepest you! And experiencing the gigantic love that God and your loved ones have for you. It's about learning to trust God with all aspects of your life and receiving the benefits of following Him in all things; even your sexuality.  

The Freedom Fight: The Freedom Fight’s Flagship Program is a no-cost porn recovery program that blends brain science, clinical practices, and biblical wisdom to help men and women find freedom. We understand the full spectrum of factors that drive compulsive porn use — physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual — and how to overcome them for good.

Pastoring Homosexuality: Offering the hope of the gospel to those who are confused about their sexuality or sexual identity has never been more complex. How can pastors guide their congregation to address homosexuality with a hopeful, yet sacred view? Join Elizabeth Woning, co-founder of Equipped to Love and CHANGED, in this 10-video teaching series that will offer conversation, insight and feedback to pastors seeking to navigate LGBTQ issues with grace and humility.

40 Days of Sexual Purity: Struggling with sexual purity can feel hopeless at times. But Christ longs for us to live honorable, pure lives – lives grounded in integrity. Living lives outside of this can lead to addictions, affairs, and pornography. It also prevents experiencing the joy that comes from God's design for sexual relationships.

Gender & Sexuality Books

The Journey Out: How I Followed Jesus Away from Gay: After a life of hopelessness and a suicidal season over his confused sexual identity and unwanted same-sex desires, Ken discovered that Jesus offered real inner healing and intimate relationship. Since then, Ken has worked tirelessly to help others experience the same hope and transformation he found.

Pursuing Sexual Wholeness: How Jesus Heals the Homosexual: Real help for Christians who struggle with homosexuality and for those who minister to them. "This book is a product of author Andrew Comiskey's Living Waters program...Pursuing Sexual Wholeness and its companion guidebook present Comiskey's teaching to the church at large."

Naked Surrender: Coming Home to Our True Sexuality: Help is here. Jesus sees our bodies as temples, houses where he wants to live. And no matter what we've done sexually or what's been done to us, he can reclaim us and make us his own. Whole. Healed. Pure. Andy Comiskey has walked the long road of sexual brokenness and pain and emerged a new creation in Christ, healed from the past.

A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Homosexuality: A common belief today is that nothing can be done to foster the development of healthy heterosexual orientation in children. But the clinical experience of Dr. Nicolosi and others indicates otherwise. In this groundbreaking book, Joseph Nicolosi uncovers the factors that contribute to a child's healthy self-identity. When a child identifies securely with his biologically appropriate gender, he is far less likely to grow up homosexual.

40 Day Journey to Purity Devotional (Guys): This journal was created for you by people who are 100% passionate about seeing you experience health and freedom in every area of your life! It will equip you to walk in a greater understanding of how God created you, and His design for sexuality and relationships.

Shame and Attachment Loss: The Practical Work of Reparative Therapy: In this pioneering book, psychologist Joseph Nicolosi explains the deep causal connections between human sexual development and early child-parent bonding. Trauma resulting from bonding failure leaves the boy with deep, unmet male attachment needs. In puberty, these needs are romanticized and eroticized. As his clients tell us in their stories, same-sex longings diminish as they recover from the trauma.

Speaking of Homosexuality: Discussing the Issues with Kindness and Clarity: Drawing on nearly thirty years of counseling people struggling with homosexuality, former gay activist Joe Dallas takes readers through virtually every argument they are likely to hear in favor of normalizing homosexuality. He helps readers understand the views of LGBT people they may know and respond with clarity, confidence, and compassion.

Love Thy Body: Answering Hard Questions about Life and Sexuality: In Love Thy Body, best-selling and award-winning author Nancy Pearcey takes on the hard questions about life and sexuality. She offers a respectful but riveting exposé of the secular worldview that lies behind trendy slogans and political talking points. A former agnostic, Pearcey is a sensitive guide to the secular ideas that shape current debates. She empowers listeners to intelligently and compassionately engage today's most controversial moral and social challenges.

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